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How should I structure my campaigns for the coming season?
What is the best way to merchandise these related products across categories?

What navigational structure will make it easiest for my customers to find what they want?

How do I optimize my website content for both SEO and the delight of my consumers?

Ask us. We can train and guide your team, fill in when you’re short staffed, or manage this work for you. Whatever level of engagement you choose, you have our support, our expertise, and our promise that we share your goals, and we will help you achieve them. Let’s start the conversation.
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Elements within your ecommerce site can be skillfully used as conversion points. This means judiciously thinking about every image, hyperlink, and line of text. Every detail on your site ultimately influences whether your visitors will purchase, or look elsewhere.

The following factors will largely determine your conversion rate, which is among most important metrics for a successful ecommerce site.

7 Factors that Influence Online Shoppers to Click ‘Add To Cart’

1. It’s all about the shopper. All copy, navigation, ads, etc. should be customer-centric to create a positive shopping experience throughout your site. Also, make sure your online voice speaks to your visitors in a way that resonates with them.

2. Shoppers are visual. Successful online retailers think about every visual aspect from their site design including text layout, formatting, and imagery, to convert visitors into buyers. Always consider your brand, present a crisp and professional visual experience to create a comfortable buying environment, encouraging your visitor to purchase.

3. Clear Messaging. You want everything about your site, including your content, navigation structure, offers, product details, and policies to be crystal clear. The click ‘Add to Cart’ should be clearly visible with graphics visually appealing for effectively increase conversion.

4. Shoppers often like what they see first. On traditional retail showroom floors, savvy retailers place their bestsellers front and center as you walk into their stores, since  customers are usually attracted to what they see first. This being the case, your best sellers should always be listed as first choices and featured products.

5. Shoppers  like things they can touch. Putting your product in the hands of your customer to touch and feel is among the oldest retail selling techniques – and it works. Of course your site visitors cannot physically touch what you offer on your site. However, through well written, compelling product descriptions zoom, alternate images, and video, you can effectively stimulate the buying process, giving visitors better visualized ownership of your products.

6. Clear and frequent calls to action. Make sure ads, offers, and product detail pages, all have strong calls to action. Provide visitors with reminders about the action you want them to take along the conversion path. As with traditional brick and mortar retail, you have to ask for the order – selling online is no different.

7. Urgency converts into sales. When running promotions you should always have a clear end date. As a rule, the sooner the offer expiration date, the higher the conversion rate. Think in terms of two-day sales and flash sales for a limited number of hours. There’s no urgency to buy unless you create it.

Apply these seven factors to your ecommerce site to help increase the number of visitors that click the ‘Add to Cart’ button. It doesn’t matter how much targeted traffic you drive to your site, unless they’ve had a great experience, easily found what they want, and can quickly purchase. What are you doing to influence your visitors to purchase from you?

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For the consultative sales professional, this is the chance to grow your career exponentially with a game-changing organization in the world of eCommerce! As an Inside Sales Rep for EPORIA, you are joining a company with a clear vision, meaningful revenues and a proven, scalable business model. For the last decade, EPORIA’s end to end SaaS eCommerce solutions have been providing clients with the power to merchandise, market, drive sales and grow business. We are investing heavily to strengthen our core infrastructure and key position in national markets and your primary mission as Sales Rep is to help spear head this expansion. You will discover a fresh, challenging, sales opportunity as you target top C-level decision makers of mid-sized businesses nationwide, presenting our platform and full service marketing.

Your primary mission as an Inside Sales Rep is to spear-head the expansion of your respective territory.

Your proven success selling SaaS solutions through a consultative process to companies with 500-5,000 employees will enable you to comfortably call on C-Level executives within the mid-market. A hunter mentality and hunger for new business will allow you to reach your quota.

Comfort with CMS,CRM and Microsoft Office assists in getting you up to speed. Above all, your innate desire to learn and expand your business acumen is what will make you a great fit into our culture and team. This is the chance to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit and develop your own territory.

If this position sounds like a fit, apply today. Send your cover letter and resume for immediate consideration. hr @ eporia.com

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More than an online store or informational resource, your website is often the first experience visitors have with your brand and products. The images your site contains directly affect the overall perception of the quality of your products and perceived trust in your brand. This is even more critical for high-end retailers and manufacturers who sell premium and luxury brands.

Product photography — impacts brand perception

  • determines the perception potential existing customers have about your brand and will significantly influence purchase decisions
  • influences how long visitors will stay on your site, conversion, and repeat visits
  • must speak to your target market and their values to instill trust in your brand
  • can make your brand stand out from your competitors and help establish you as a leader in your industry

Ultimately, high quality professional product and lifestyle photography that captures the right look and feel of your products will increase your customer loyalty, brand image, and sales. Do you have current imagery to build brand value? Is it the right message? Our clients tap into on our in house photography studio and digital design services. We welcome conversation, enjoy the creative process, and look forward to any challenge. 877.276.2402 or info@eporia.com.

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Organic search traffic is the lifeblood of any successful ecommerce business. However, achieving high rankings in major search engines such as Google can be extremely challenging.

The following tips will help you to quickly improve your ecommerce SEO for increased rankings, visitor traffic, and higher conversion.

3 Tips to Improve Your eCommerce SEO

  1. Optimize All of Your Product Pages
    Simply getting your home page and top level pages to rank in Google is not enough. You need to get your product pages to rank as well, since these pages provide the highest ranking and conversion opportunities. If you have thousands of products, the idea of optimizing every single one may sound overwhelming. What sounds even more alarming, is not optimizing these pages and leaving these valuable sales to your competitors. Every one of you product pages needs to be fully optimized with keyword rich page titles, Meta tags, headings, and unique on-page text content to increase their rankings.
  2. Avoid Duplicate Content
    Search engines do not like duplicate content and they will penalize sites for it with lower rankings. Sometimes lower rankings due to duplicate content are not as much search engine penalties, as they are a matter of the search engines selecting the best of the crop from hundreds (if not thousands) of pages from various ecommerce sites that offer the same content. No one wants to see search results that contain page after page of results for the same product offering.

    Avoiding duplicate content can be hard to do in some cases, especially if your manufacturers require you to use their “exact” boilerplate product descriptions. If your manufacturers do not require this, you will be best off to rewrite every description in the unique voice of your site. The reason for this, is to create unique content that can out rank your competitors who are using the same boilerplate copy. If your manufacturers will not allow you to change their product descriptions, there are ways to combat this . Things you can do include allowing your visitors to leave product reviews, which will help create unique content. Add cross sells to you product pages to add additional keyword uniqueness. You can also find info to add that your competitors may not be taking advantage of such as product use and care information.

  3. Make Use of Long Tail Keywords
    When optimizing your pages think about the long tail, this is where higher search engine rankings and conversion live. For example, if you sell clothing, you will probably have a pretty hard time (if not impossible) ranking for just the word ‘Clothing’. Unless you happen to be a major brand name retailer. Also, the most obvious top level terms rarely best describe what you’re truly selling. This being the case, you need to think about long tail optimization. Let’s say you have a product page for a polo shirt. You want to look at this page and optimize it for exactly what’s being offered, which is not simply a polo shirt, since it has style elements and probably a brand name. For this example, the polo shirt is a long sleeved polo shirt by Fred Perry. Your long tail keywords for this product would include ‘Long Sleeved Polo Shirt’, ‘Fred Perry Polo Shirt’, and others that may be applicable such as ‘Black Fred Perry Polo Shirt’. Even though these keyword phrases by themselves may have relatively low search volumes, they are easier to rank for, will generate more targeted visitor traffic, and result in higher conversion rates.

Following these tips of optimizing all of your product pages, avoiding duplicate content, and targeting long tail keywords will increase your organic search traffic and overall sales.

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If you’re an experienced online marketer, you know the old saying of; “If you build it, they will come”, is not a reality. You will always need to be making an effort to build your brand online if you want to see significant results. Simply having a great website with lots of good content isn’t enough.

Social media offers an incredible opportunity to increase your online presence, website traffic, and ultimately your sales (without the costs of online marketing methods such as pay-per-click advertising). However, making your social media efforts produce results requires ongoing effort, and you should be prepared to set aside at least an hour a day to actively participate in your chosen social media activities.

Your social media efforts should be focused on encouraging others to share in positive interactions with your brand, such as ‘Liking’ you on Facebook, and other sharing methods such as ‘Repinning’ your products on Pinterest. Keep in mind that the more the search engines see others interacting with your brand via social media, the more favorably they will view your site.

Social media can also provide more results for your brand in search results. For example, when someone searches for your company name, they could find your website and your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, your blog, and more. This can be very valuable in gaining new business from people who aren’t familiar with your brand. Searches for your brand name that result in links to your website and your social media profiles can go a long way in instilling trust in your company with potential new customers. This can also result in more ‘Likes’ on Facebook, ‘Follows’ on Twitter, and other valuable social media interactions. All of which further shares your brand with others and tells the search engines that people are talking about you, which will ultimately help your search engine rankings.

The more you participate in social media, the more places there are for people to discover your brand, visit your site, and possibly become new customers. If social media isn’t already a key element in your online marketing mix – it needs to be.

What are you doing on a daily basis to increase your online presence?

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People use the internet for three primary purposes, which are research, shopping, and entertainment. Targeting all three of these search intents (in a manner that fits with your brand) can significantly increase your website traffic and sales. As a rule, the more interesting, useful, and relevant your site and related content are, the more likely visitors will share it with others.

Here are three easy viral marketing ideas for you to consider:

  1. Create an interesting or fun community around the topic of your business. Keep in mind that this does not have to be done on your website. Such communities can be created with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or even a blog.
  2. Provide content rich research information on your site. Think in terms of info such as how-to information or terms and definition glossaries related to your offerings. These types of information are frequently shared with others online and can help create more valuable traffic and links to your site.
  3. Give people something fun to do online. Think in terms of what makes sense for your business. Fun things can be as simple as photo galleries related to events your company participates on your website, to sharing photos on Pinterest of your products and company activities. Both of these are pretty easy to set up and can create more opportunities for people to share you with others.

The ideas above may take a little time to implement. However, they are well worth it considering that they can drive more qualified traffic to your site, encourage people to tell others about you, and help you gain valuable links to  increase your search engine rankings.

What are you doing to get people to tell others about you?

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