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How should I structure my campaigns for the coming season?
What is the best way to merchandise these related products across categories?

What navigational structure will make it easiest for my customers to find what they want?

How do I optimize my website content for both SEO and the delight of my consumers?

Ask us. We can train and guide your team, fill in when you’re short staffed, or manage this work for you. Whatever level of engagement you choose, you have our support, our expertise, and our promise that we share your goals, and we will help you achieve them. Let’s start the conversation.
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For the consultative sales professional, this is the chance to grow your career exponentially with a game-changing organization in the world of eCommerce! As an Inside Sales Rep for EPORIA, you are joining a company with a clear vision, meaningful revenues and a proven, scalable business model. For the last decade, EPORIA’s end to end SaaS eCommerce solutions have been providing clients with the power to merchandise, market, drive sales and grow business. We are investing heavily to strengthen our core infrastructure and key position in national markets and your primary mission as Sales Rep is to help spear head this expansion. You will discover a fresh, challenging, sales opportunity as you target top C-level decision makers of mid-sized businesses nationwide, presenting our platform and full service marketing.

Your primary mission as an Inside Sales Rep is to spear-head the expansion of your respective territory.

Your proven success selling SaaS solutions through a consultative process to companies with 500-5,000 employees will enable you to comfortably call on C-Level executives within the mid-market. A hunter mentality and hunger for new business will allow you to reach your quota.

Comfort with CMS,CRM and Microsoft Office assists in getting you up to speed. Above all, your innate desire to learn and expand your business acumen is what will make you a great fit into our culture and team. This is the chance to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit and develop your own territory.

If this position sounds like a fit, apply today. Send your cover letter and resume for immediate consideration. hr @ eporia.com

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Organic search traffic is the lifeblood of any successful ecommerce business. However, achieving high rankings in major search engines such as Google can be extremely challenging.

The following tips will help you to quickly improve your ecommerce SEO for increased rankings, visitor traffic, and higher conversion.

3 Tips to Improve Your eCommerce SEO

  1. Optimize All of Your Product Pages
    Simply getting your home page and top level pages to rank in Google is not enough. You need to get your product pages to rank as well, since these pages provide the highest ranking and conversion opportunities. If you have thousands of products, the idea of optimizing every single one may sound overwhelming. What sounds even more alarming, is not optimizing these pages and leaving these valuable sales to your competitors. Every one of you product pages needs to be fully optimized with keyword rich page titles, Meta tags, headings, and unique on-page text content to increase their rankings.
  2. Avoid Duplicate Content
    Search engines do not like duplicate content and they will penalize sites for it with lower rankings. Sometimes lower rankings due to duplicate content are not as much search engine penalties, as they are a matter of the search engines selecting the best of the crop from hundreds (if not thousands) of pages from various ecommerce sites that offer the same content. No one wants to see search results that contain page after page of results for the same product offering.

    Avoiding duplicate content can be hard to do in some cases, especially if your manufacturers require you to use their “exact” boilerplate product descriptions. If your manufacturers do not require this, you will be best off to rewrite every description in the unique voice of your site. The reason for this, is to create unique content that can out rank your competitors who are using the same boilerplate copy. If your manufacturers will not allow you to change their product descriptions, there are ways to combat this . Things you can do include allowing your visitors to leave product reviews, which will help create unique content. Add cross sells to you product pages to add additional keyword uniqueness. You can also find info to add that your competitors may not be taking advantage of such as product use and care information.

  3. Make Use of Long Tail Keywords
    When optimizing your pages think about the long tail, this is where higher search engine rankings and conversion live. For example, if you sell clothing, you will probably have a pretty hard time (if not impossible) ranking for just the word ‘Clothing’. Unless you happen to be a major brand name retailer. Also, the most obvious top level terms rarely best describe what you’re truly selling. This being the case, you need to think about long tail optimization. Let’s say you have a product page for a polo shirt. You want to look at this page and optimize it for exactly what’s being offered, which is not simply a polo shirt, since it has style elements and probably a brand name. For this example, the polo shirt is a long sleeved polo shirt by Fred Perry. Your long tail keywords for this product would include ‘Long Sleeved Polo Shirt’, ‘Fred Perry Polo Shirt’, and others that may be applicable such as ‘Black Fred Perry Polo Shirt’. Even though these keyword phrases by themselves may have relatively low search volumes, they are easier to rank for, will generate more targeted visitor traffic, and result in higher conversion rates.

Following these tips of optimizing all of your product pages, avoiding duplicate content, and targeting long tail keywords will increase your organic search traffic and overall sales.

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Although there are many elements that must work together for search engine optimization marketing to be effective, the SEO page title is among the most important. Effective SEO page titles tell both search engines and searchers what your web pages are about.

When writing SEO page titles, it is important to make sure you’re targeting the right keywords for the page you’re optimizing, while at the same time writing them in a way that will entice searchers to click through to your site from the search results.

Your SEO page title will ultimately determine whether or not a searcher will be enticed to click on the search result for your site. After all, when you do a search on Google, you scan the search results and click on the ones that make the most sense in relation to what you’re searching for. With this said, you need to put extra thought into writing SEO page titles that will rank high in the search engines for your most important keywords and that will convert from searches to clicks.

Keep in mind that your SEO page title acts as the synopsis of your web page to both search engines and potential visitors. Therefore, your SEO page title must be clearly focused on the topic of your web page. As easy as this sounds – most people have a hard time writing effective SEO page titles because they over think the process.

Let’s say you have a product page on your ecommerce site which offers a contemporary black leather sofa made by Natuzzi. When people are asked to write an SEO page title for a page such as this, it is common to see SEO page titles such as ‘Discount Living Room Furniture & Sofa Sets’, ‘Leather Furniture, Sofas, Chairs & Ottomans’, ‘Leather Living Room Furniture & Home Décor’, etc. If any of these examples have made you raise an eyebrow you’re doing good, since none of them will be effective for the keyword searches for ‘Contemporary Leather Sofa’, ‘Black Leather Sofa’, ‘Natuzzi Leather Sofa’, or other combinations directly related to the specific offering.

An effective SEO page title for the example of a contemporary black leather sofa by Natuzzi would simply be, ‘Leather Sofa, Contemporary Black Leather Sofa by Natuzzi’. This would be the choice for the following reasons.

1. More people search for ‘Leather Sofa’ than they do for ‘Contemporary Sofa’, ‘Black Sofa’ or ‘Natuzzi Sofa’, which is why the first words are ‘Leather Sofa’ to reinforce this most important keyword phrase.

2. The rest of the SEO page title of ‘Contemporary Black Leather Sofa by Natuzzi’ is chosen to achieve two goals. First to create an SEO page title that is meaningful to searchers so they know what the content of the page is about before clicking on the search result (which also increases conversion). And second, to tell the search engines the most important information related to the product being offered, which in this case are style, color, material, type of product and manufacturer.

SEO page titles for other topics may not be as obvious to write as in our example. However, in most cases they will be just as easy if you simply look at the core topic of the page you’re optimizing and write an SEO page title that clearly describes what the page is about. For example, if you have a web page about Napa Valley wine tours your SEO page title should include the phrase of ‘Napa Valley Wine Tours’. A web page about golf lessons at a Seattle area golf course should include the phrase of ‘Golf Lessons in Seattle’. As simple as this appears, many people get hung up on trying to brainstorm what they should be writing for their SEO page titles, when the answer is literally right in front of them on the page they are optimizing.

Keep in mind that as with our example of the contemporary black leather sofa by Natuzzi, the most important keywords of ‘Contemporary’ ‘Black’ ‘Leather’ ‘Sofa’ and ‘Natuzzi’ must also be included in the meta tags and within the text content of the web page. By writing keyword rich SEO page titles that directly relate to the topic of the web page you’re optimizing, you will be able to increase your search engine rankings and click-through rates to your site (provided that the rest of your SEO elements are properly optimized).

When was the last time your reviewed your SEO page titles in comparison with the content of your web pages?

More SEO advice

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EPORIA Serves Up D’Artagnan Gourmet Food eCommerce Website with Unprecedented Results

EPORIA and leading gourmet food purveyor D’Artagnan announced that D’Artagnan’s eCommerce website, which was launched in October on the EPORIA platform, generated higher online sales for the months of December and January than the company has ever seen, with January seeing double digit sales growth over 2009.

“Launching in time for our busiest season was key for us, so we could capitalize on holiday traffic and convert visitors on the new platform,” said Katie Holler, Director of eCommerce for the 25-year-old gourmet food company. “EPORIA helped us every step of the way, from design to implementation, and met our tight timeframe with a week to spare!” The two companies collaborated closely to accomplish this feat. “As a result,” says Holler, “we had the best December online in the history of the business, and the month of January was up 17% over last year.”

Recognizing the desire for increased online sales and a richer online presence for its expanding clientele, D’Artagnan selected EPORIA for their focus on results, and for the platform’s robust feature set, which is perfectly suited to an elite gourmet food brand like D’Artagnan.

The website’s extraordinary results began immediately after launch. EPORIA’s search engine friendly platform and comprehensive SEO expertise led to rapid indexing of the new website’s pages–nearly 90% of the new pages were listed in search engines within just days after launch. “We were extremely impressed with the results,” says Holler. “Just two weeks after launch, our rankings on the first three pages of search returns increased 400%. I’ve never seen a site index so fast.”

“From the day we launched, our daily order volume and average order value have seen double digit increases and our conversion rate has already nearly tripled,” Holler reports. In the due diligence phase of researching potential eCommerce solutions and partners, Holler often told the EPORIA team that the EPORIA eCommerce solution sounded “too good to be true.” Since the launch, Holler confirms that “we can now see the results for ourselves, and it’s true—EPORIA really is that good. And on top of it, they offer a great value for your investment.”

Read the complete story for more details

Contact us to learn about how we can help grow your business online.

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When one thinks of building links to their website to increase Google PageRank and visibility in the search engines a lot of ideas come to mind, such as blogging, submitting links to directory sites, social bookmarking, etc. However, one of the oldest and easiest ways to build links to your website is through online press releases. Yes, press releases may not sound as cool as many of the social media marketing opportunities available on the internet today, but they work.

After you have decided upon the topic for your press release, you will need to define what the primary keyword phase is that you want your press release to target. Take the time to research to find a popular two-word keyword phase to optimize for with a keyword tool such as Google’s Keyword Tool. Also, make sure the keyword phrase you choose is both the primary focus of your press release and relevant to your site.

Once you have settled on a topic for your press release, and you have done your keyword research, it’s time to write. When writing your press release, make sure to use your primary two-word keyword phrase in the title of your press release and a few times within the body content.

Keep in mind that no matter how well your press release is optimized from a keyword perspective, it is of no use in your SEO efforts without links pointing to your site. When using press release services that allow you to place links within the copy, make sure you are using optimized keyword text links related to your product or service offerings, opposed to generic words such as “click here”. If a press release service doesn’t allow you to link within the content of the release, make sure that you link back to your site in the “contact box” or “about section” of the release.

After you have written your press release submit it to a variety of press release services. Although, there are some very good paid press release services such as PRWeb.com, there are also a lot of free services that you should consider. Ultimately, the more services you submit your press release to, the more links you will build to your website to increase your Google PageRank and link popularity.

If you’re serious about improving your search engine rankings, online press releases are one of the fastest and easiest ways go gain quality inbound links to increase the visibility to your site.

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Many websites, especially those that only sell online, are not maximizing the potential that local search optimization offers. It isn’t uncommon for pure play online businesses to think that their geographical location is of little importance since they sell on a nationwide or worldwide basis. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In today’s online world where the web has become hyper-competitive, local search is a must for any online business that wants to maximize their sales opportunities. More and more, people are no longer simply searching by product or service related keyword phrases. They’re searching for product and service phrases followed by geo-targeted terms including their city or state.

So why would someone care about where you’re located if you only sell online anyway? Think of it this way, clearly stating who you are and where you’re located adds more credibility and trust to the decision of doing business with you. Also, the number of people looking to buy online from local companies is increasing due to various reasons such as supporting local businesses and a greater sense of security this provides in case service is needed after the sale.

Clearly stating your address throughout your website also benefits your customers on the other side of the country or even the other side of the world. For example, someone from New York sees that your business address is in Seattle, which immediately takes away the mystery of who they’re dealing with to a large degree, since you have established your business as being a real business with a real address, opposed to simply a mysterious website in cyberspace.

Your physical address followed by your phone number should be on a minimum of your home page and contact page. Although the best option is to have this information clearly posted on the bottom of every page of your site.

Keep in mind that simply having your address on every page of your site isn’t going to optimize your site for local search, since this may not provide enough keyword weight to raise your site in the search engine rankings. Therefore, your site must be specifically optimized for key local search terms along with your product or service offerings.

In addition to optimizing your website for local search, you should submit your site to local search services such as the following.

Every day, millions of people are searching for products and services online using geo-targeted search terms such as their neighborhood, city, state and even country. If you’re not actively optimizing your site for local search, you’re business is leaving a lot of money on the table for those that are. Is your site fully optimized for local search?

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